Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Boudoir challenge Card

I made this card using beautiful papers i printed of the computer onto thin card, Stuck each square printed card onto pink card found a beautiful boudoir picture and used it as a card topper.

I love the gold edging I used to finish of my topper I think it makes it look elegant.

I had some beautiful Burgundy ribbon to finish my card off
just to give it that special touch.


  1. Beautiful card Stacey...looks like l´m the first to comment,good luck with your new blog...l will visit you again..
    Susan (saramar) x

  2. Very pretty card :o) Welcome to blogland!

    Julia (Devonbunny on CB)

  3. thank you so much ladeis for the warm welcome to blog land and beautiful comment left about my card xxx