Saturday, 28 March 2009

Die cuts box

I made this box Out of an old box just decorated it in lovely paper and glittery die cuts.

The box is great inside there is a secret space for my adhesive sticker sheets everything is where I can get hold of it.


I found these beads in my craft box never knew what I was going to do with them.

until today, made delicate pair of earrings I have a necklace I bought a while ago they will go great with xxx

Bracelet for my daughter

I made this last night to match the Necklace I made for my daughter, using two stings of wire instead on the one string.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Earrings set

I'm very proud of these, there for me :-D first ever bracellet and earring set, Chain was meant to match but I made it a little to small, So I'm going to make another necklace in a few days or so to match..........

Daughters necklace

I've been busy today my order came from bead shop Well part of it thought I'd have a play with some of what I had.

Gee I had some fun.

I used different coloured orange beads and heart droplet pendant that I made my self.

I'm very proud of my first ever necklace hope my daughter likes it :-) xxx

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Boudoir challenge Card

I made this card using beautiful papers i printed of the computer onto thin card, Stuck each square printed card onto pink card found a beautiful boudoir picture and used it as a card topper.

I love the gold edging I used to finish of my topper I think it makes it look elegant.

I had some beautiful Burgundy ribbon to finish my card off
just to give it that special touch.


I made this last night for all my notes,dates and appointments.
I'm very proud of it :-)

I used Green card, sticky notes lots of shiny silver stars.
I decorated a pen to match the inside Big butterfly for decoration.